Top ten tips to stay safe

Yale Security understands that home security is more than technology or armed response officers on patrol. To assist Hi-Tech Home Security readers to keep their homes safe, Yale has put together a few tips to help ensure your home remains a safe haven.

• Change all the locks when you move into a new house. If you lose your keys, change the locks immediately.

• Secure your gate motor with a weatherproof, outdoor padlock to prevent tampering and theft.

• For extra security, lock your garage from the inside.

• When you are away on holiday ensure that your house appears occupied at all times. Use timers to switch lights and radios on and off when you’re not at home.

• If the entrances to your home are dark, consider installing lighting with an infrared detector. Most thieves don’t want to be observed trying to gain entry to a door.

• Trees located near windows and entrances, or shrubbery that might shield a burglar from view can be major flaws in your home security. Consider your landscaping in light of your security needs.

• Talk to your neighbours about any suspicious people or strange cars you notice lurking about. Join your local neighbourhood watch or community group, often these are free or require a small fee to join, for crime updates.

• Ask for credentials and IDs from any sales/delivery/municipality representative who requests entry to your home. Many professional burglars use this as an opportunity to break in. Always phone and check with the visitor’s office before letting him or her in. Make sure that your domestic workers are aware of these dangers and follow the same procedure.

• Dogs are good deterrents to burglars. Even a small, noisy dog can be effective – burglars do not like to have attention drawn to their presence. Beware of the large increase of dog poisonings and clean up any suspicious items that may have been thrown over your boundary wall. Have you vet’s emergency contact details saved on your cellphone.

• Beware of credit card cloning and skimming. It takes a matter of seconds to clone your card and unauthorised transactions to go off on your account. Carry your credit cards in a RFID blocking wallet. Avoid ATMs that look like they have been tampered with or damaged. If you suspect your card has been compromised contact your bank immediately.

By Hi-Tech Security Solutions.

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