Cape Town murder rate on the rise

The Mother City is buckling under the rise of gang violence and crime. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG – Cape Town’s murder rate has jumped to a whopping 2,302 in the last six months.

Most murders are gang-related and that has prompted government to send in a stabilisation unit into crime-ridden Bonteheuwel.

In recent months, embattled communities have seen a surge in these gang-related activities, often getting caught in the crossfire and living in constant fear.

Law enforcement authorities are now, once again, brainstorming to put an end to horror on the Cape Flats.

“My proposal, at the bosberaad coming up, is to have all ten government departments, to see what is it that they can bring from their department, into fighting crime if I say fighting crime, I’m talking about the broader concept of safety into assisting with safety,” said Western Cape Department Community Safety MEC Albert Fritz.

By ENCA News.

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