Would-be burglars caught on camera trying to get into Chatsworth home

Durban – Two men who tried to break-in to a home on Statesman Drive in Chatsworth are being sought

On Wednesday morning the resident made Bayview police aware of the attempted burglary after viewing his CCTV footage.

The short video clip posted on the Chatsworth Safety alert group shows one person walk up to the back door of the house in the Havenside area. He tries to open the door and then fiddles with the door lock.

The door does not have a burglar gate.

He makes hand gestures and another man appears in the footage. His accomplice appears to be on the lookout while behind him the man once again tries to open the door. He is hunched below the door.

Both had gloves on their hands and knapsacks on the backs. It is unclear what spooked the men but they walked away without gaining entry into the house.

By IOL News

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