Security Products to Install before Leaving for the Holidays

It is hard to believe it is the holiday season yet again. Each year thousands of people leave their homes to take part in holiday festivities elsewhere. Even if you are traveling 20 miles or 2,000 miles, it is always a good thing to leave your home safe and secure.

While there are several things you could do to ensure that your home is safe while you are gone, such as asking your neighbors to keep an eye on your house or leaving a light on to deter burglaries, there are a few security products you can install that will help you to have peace of mind—and if the unfortunate does happen, you will be the first to know.

Doorbell Camera

The first security product on our list is great to have any time of the year, but it comes in handy when you are not home. Authorities around the county warn homeowners that burglars will often come to your front door and knock or ring the bell to feel out the property before formulating a plan of attack.

These doorbell cameras not only act as a deterrent, but they simultaneously record and notify the homeowner of any motion in front of the home. Popular models of doorbell cameras allow the homeowner to hear what is going on as well as speak through the device to the person at the front door.

These cameras are also particularly useful during the holidays to help homeowners battle Porch Pirates. If you are going to be gone for several days during Thanksgiving, but you are expecting a few Christmas presents to come in the mail, you are be notified that something was dropped on your doorstep and ask a neighbor or family member to grab it for you, before someone else does.

Door and Window Sensors

Looking for a way to be a little less obvious about your home security? Door and window sensors are a great way to stay alert and notified of the happenings at your home while you are gone.

Oftentimes, these sensors are able to link directly to your smartphone enabling you to be aware if your doors or windows are opened. If you are not at home and you aren’t expecting anyone to be while you are away enjoying some turkey with family, these sensors can covertly notify you of a presence in your home.

If you are looking to bolster the security that door and window sensors give, you can add a motion sensor camera in places that view your doorways. If the door sensor is triggered, you know that your camera will record the activity which can later be used for evidence.


It has been said that the worst comes at night and that is because it is dark. A lot of criminal activity around homes takes place if house is dark for an extended amount of time.

While floodlights are not technologically advanced enough to wrap your Christmas presents and bake a pecan pie like some security devices on the market, it can act as a powerful deterrent. A lot of floodlights are motion activated, meaning if someone comes near the home the lights will shine bright.

Most of the time, the light will stun the burglar enough that they will think twice about disturbing the property.

As you can see, it does not take much to give you peace of mind over the holidays. Even if you install all three, or just one of the recommended products, you can leave your house knowing that your home will be exactly the same when you left — for better or for worse!

By Security Today

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