Latent fingerprint examination system

March 2019, Access Control & Identity Management, Products

IDEMIA has announced the launch of IDEMIA Case AFIS, a sophisticated latent examination system empowered by the company’s biometric identification technology. Specially tailored for latent print examiners, IDEMIA Case AFIS is the only system backed by the latent matching capabilities supplied for over 160 national, state and local law enforcement agencies including the FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) system.

IDEMIA has been known for its large scale and high performance AFIS with top rated accuracy for the last 43 years. Case AFIS brings the power of the large system to the convenience of a laptop. The application helps latent experts solve complex and difficult cases faster, by enabling examiners to search friction ridge evidence collected from crime scenes against known prints on a case by case basis. Case AFIS reduces erroneous examination decisions and provides better management of expert resources.

Through working with forensic experts on leading edge techniques and approaches, IDEMIA’s latent print examination discipline has resulted in the latest compact and convenient offering,

IDEMIA Case AFIS. The power of the company’s MBIS (Multi Biometric Identification System) coupled with its advanced latent examination tools packaged in a portable form provide latent examiners with the best in crime-solving solutions.

Donnie Scott, senior vice president, public security for North America at IDEMIA, “IDEMIA Case AFIS is a standalone system with powerful matching algorithms, independently tested for accuracy, speed and scalability. The solution empowers examiner performance in terms of speed, quality, consistency and efficiency. It also automates a manual comparison process without restrictions on record formats.”

By Hi tech Security Magazine.

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