Four tips for buying security cameras

Thanks to the continuous development of technologies, we can now easily access high-tech products that promise to make our lives smarter and easier. Smart security products, such as security cameras, sensors and alarms with overlapping prices and features have sprung up in the market, bringing affordable security solutions to end-users while also making it rather difficult for users to select the right ones to best suit their needs.

Ryan Wang, South African sales manager of EZVIZ, shares four tips with Hi-Tech Home Security readers to help you make wise camera-buying decisions. “It may appear a challenge for non-tech savvy users to choose the best security solution for their property now that the market is filled with similar security cameras. But really, it can be very easy, as long as you focus on a few key things,” said Wang. Below are the four tips that will help you choose the right security cameras that fit your needs and budget.

Always put your security in professional hands

Security cameras only bring peace of mind when users know their privacy and data are securely protected. It is suggested that you choose products from established brands as they have weathered years of rigorous testing by the market. Companies like EZIVZ, a global smart home security brand and the consumer and residentially-focused subsidiary of Hikvision, leverage the corporate’s video technologies as well as engineering techniques to bring end-users quality smart security products that are affordable and easy to use.

Consider your usage scenario

Different properties require differing protecting strategies. For example, for the outside of the house, you will need a camera that has an active defence function to deter intruders and at least an IP66 rating to ensure year-round outdoor use.

The EZVIZ outdoor Wi-Fi camera, C3W, is an ideal solution for the outside of your property. For indoor security, you may want a camera that has full-room coverage and privacy mode. Take the EZVIZ C6CN pan-and-tilt Wi-Fi camera for example. Featuring 360-degree field of view, it can adjust its view automatically to track motion in real time and can be put to sleep whenever you feel like some privacy.

Go for Wi-Fi cameras that support SD and cloud storage

Today, commercial-grade security cameras are made easy to use with Wi-Fi and SD card slots, allowing users to DIY their security system without worrying about hiring a technical specialist or purchasing expensive storage media. Within minutes, users can finish the setup of EZVIZ Wi-Fi cameras and begin to enjoy non-stop protection. Apart from viewing live video on the EZVIZ app, users can choose to store recorded video clips on microSD card for convenient security.

Check the capability of companion apps

Most security cameras come with a mobile application that allows for video streaming, two-way audio, and playing back. However, the user experience varies among different brands. The EZVIZ app is intuitive to use. With the app, users will receive instant notifications of detected events, can initiate two-way talk remotely with visitors, or zoom in up to eight times for video details.

“Above are pretty much the things you should consider when buying security cameras,” said Wang, “Of course, you also need high resolution, large field-of-view, sharp night vision, strong Wi-Fi connection, etc. EZVIZ offers a wide range of security products to suit the different needs of South African customers.”

By Hi-Tech Security Solutions.

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