Augmenting surveillance video

The Inanda Club in Johannesburg hosted ISDS as it introduced its new look and focus to customers and partners in April. Moving from its previous business model of selling and installing surveillance solutions, the company will now focus on being a value-added distributor and supporting its channel partners rather than engaging directly with the end customer.

David Heenan, MD of ISDS listed the portfolio of products ISDS has gathered which are all designed to enhance and augment surveillance to deliver more value from video. The foundation for the new portfolio is ISDS’s recent appointment as a Milestone Systems distributor for Africa. Most of the products in ISDS’s portfolio run on Milestone. The portfolio includes:

• iSentry, an intelligent application that learns about the environment under observation and offers three primary analytics functions: unusual behaviour detection, tripwire, and left object detection.

• Panoptes MTI which will be integrated with Milestone and sport new classification capabilities and a VMS alarm manager.

• Kestrel is another MTI solution that automatically detects movement in visual and infrared light, and also offers thermal full motion video from manned and unmanned vehicles.

• BriefCam offers post event forensics through video synopsis and it offers built-in data analytics.

• PlateID is a locally developed automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) application.

• Defendec is an application from Estonia that specialises in remote monitoring in areas with low bandwidth and/or poor connectivity.

Heenan was followed by Amine Sadi from Milestone who highlighted the company’s commitment to its community and the applications they develop. ISDS has the technical skills on board to assist its channel partners where required, and it will also offer training to help them get up to speed with the various solutions it offers.

By Hi-Tech Security Solutions.

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