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We provide the services of an undercover agent by disguising their own identity or using an assumed identity for the purposes of gaining the trust of an individual or infiltration into an organisation to obtain secret information or hidden evidence. Undercover investigations are without a doubt one of the best forms of internal investigations. It is not only efficient, but cost effective.

Below are some examples of undercover investigations that are useful to companies:-

  • Internal theft
  • Illegal drug use and dealing
  • Theft of company time
  • Alcohol consumption on the job
  • Gambling on company property
  • Embezzlement
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Computer Security
  • Company policy violations
  • Highly trained detectives discreetly place people, premises and vehicles under surveillance.

  • The latest wireless technology is utilised to pin point and monitor locations – ideal for cheating partners.

  • Regular updates via SMS, WHATSAPP or emails.

  • Detailed reports compiled in the form off an affidavit should it be required for legal proceedings.

  • Long range video/photography provided for evidential purposes.

  • Land line and cell phone number ownerships.

  • Itemized billing for cell phones with incoming calls, outgoing calls as well as locations of the phone when the call was made (cell towers).

  • Identify the new location/owner of stolen or lost phones.

  • The above services are subject to a valid subpoena being authorised.

  • Provides bank account profiles and statements for private individuals companies, closed corporations and trusts.

  • Profiles of balances on a specific account.

  • Monthly bank statements.

  • Tracing of hidden assets including properties, movable assets, insurance policies and foreign/off shore assets.

  • The above services are subject to a valid subpoena being authorised.


• State of the art tracking devices are discreetly placed on a vehicle to monitor movement and   location.
• SMS/email alert when a vehicle enters a “no go zone”.
• Daily reports, including start/stop times, speed, braking and distance covered.

  • Surveillance Specialists specially trained to remain undetected. If you hire an investigator to assist you in catching your partner cheating you can’t afford for the investigator to get caught in the process. Most other companies are one-man operations and generally get caught.
  • Drivers license
  • Criminal records
  • Matric Certificates
  • ITC Credit Bureau
  • CIPRO – Register of companies
  • Number plate inquiry
  • Legal Spouse and Dependants
  • Academics Qualifications
  • Deeds Search – person/company
  • Ideal for pre-employment screening
  • Information valuable prior to a business transaction
  • Secure and protect a business from Industrial espionage.
  • A sweep entails using the latest electronic counter surveillance equipment to sweep vehicles, boardrooms, offices and telephone lines.
  • Telephone line guards.
  • Our examiners are accredited members of the, APA, SAPPA and BEPA.
  • Appropriately structured interviews are conducted to ensure accurate results.
  • A powerful investigation tool that can be used to eliminate or focus on a suspect.
  • Our highly trained and well equipped bodyguards are skilled professionals.
  • We offer the client the safest and most secure daily environment. The officers are always within reach off the client; ready to react or prevent an attack.  Every guard is able to blend into their environment by adopting the relevant manners, speech demeanour and appearance.
  • Spy/Pinhole cameras have the ability to monitor and safe guard valuables.
  • Gives you the ability to monitor and listen in to any illicit or illegal activity.
  • Cameras can be placed in any room – totally camouflaged and wireless.
  • The above services are subject to compliance with the applicable privacy laws being adhered to.